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Outside Logo and Entrance

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Outside Front

Dressing Room & Bathroom
Dressing Room & Bathroom

Outside Logo and Entrance
Outside Logo and Entrance



"The Little Room Studio (TLRS) is a mini boutique Photo shooting experience.  Located on the top floor of a Spanish style duplex in the Wilshire Vista district, The Little Room Studio lends a stylish, comfortable vibe that puts clients instantly at ease as if shooting photos at a friends house rather than at a commercial studio. With experience covering professional head shots, family portraits, fashion, product, boudoir, and hip photo shoots, the photographers at The Little Room Studio are full of passion and energy."  Bloomspot



Photographer, Designer


With over 20 years experience in photography and design, Nati brings a creative and professional touch to The Little Room Studio. She is The Little Room Studio's behind the scenes go girl. She specializes in fashion and product photography and deals with everything retouch, design and marketing for the studio.


Photographer, Actor

Eddie has been acting and doing photography for over 20 years and been in over 30 films, music videos and commercials as well as print ads and modeling for artistic photographers. This influenced her photographic eye and style over the years. She knows what it's like to be in your position and likes to take a director's approach to shooting.



The Little Room Studio is in the beautiful Wilshire Vista District, centrally located off of Fairfax and Pico in the upstairs duplex of a 2,000 sq. ft. Spanish style home. 

The Studio is available for professional photogrpahers la and videographers and is approximately 14 x 16 ft (224 sq. ft.) and is furnished with a comfortable chaise, large dressing room with mirror and  beautiful art deco double vanity in lavender and black.

The Equipment:

- (2 )Photoflex  650 watts/per strobes w/ medium lightboxes
- (1) Photoflex 300 Watt Strobe w/ medium reflector umbrella
- (1) Alien Bees 400 watt 22-inch Beauty Dish w/Diffuser
- (5) 7.5' Light Stands
- Starflash Snoot w/ Gels
- 9x10 ft. Backdrop frame with 12 colored backdrops to choose from
- Photoflex Light Disc 42" White/Silver Reflector &  Holder
- Westcott Illuminator 50" x 40" One Stop Silk Diffuser
- (3) Pocket Wizard Receivers
- Nikon D300*, D7100 (extra, not included in rental)
- (1)Nikon Speedlight SB950 w/ 40" Umbrella*
- Wifi & Ipod Stereo Dock
- Tripod, 6"

- Standard Reflector & 7" Standard Reflector
- Clothing Steamer, Hair Dryer, Curler Set (12), Props
- 2 Step Ladder, 3 Step Ladder


PRICING: Starting at $100/hr ($500 minimum)