Q. How do I schedule a photoshoot at the Little Room Studio?

A. Call to schedule your date, time and then secure your appointment with a $50 Deposit.

-Call The Little Room Studio, 310 601 7727 to schedule your shoot

-Pay your $50 Deposit online to secure your appointment  date and time and lock in your photo shoot pricing. Your shoot dates and times are not officially locked in until we recieve your deposit. The Little Room Studio will send you a PayPal Invoice via email so you can pay your deposit from the convenience of your own home.

-Once you have booked your appointment and paid your deposit  a confirmation email will be sent with a photo shoot questionaire. Fill the Questionaire out as completely as possible and hit the "submit" button at the bottom 3 days before your shoot. The Little Room Studio Team will review it and get back to you with any questions or answers that you require. The Questionaire is where you pick your photo shoot style and back drop choice.

Q. What should I bring to the photo shoot?

A. Everything including the Kitchen Sink! (JK)

* Always Fill out the PhotoShoot Questionnaire, it will help you get clear on the details of your shoot

Actor's / Model's List
-Wardrobe Changes & Changing Robe*
- Bring wardrobe you are complimented in, colors that bring out your eyes, clothing that fits well and is lint and wrinkle free. (we have a steamer for occasional          wrinkles). Smoothing undergarments like spanx can be beneficial for women who want to smooth out their waist and bra line or anything else, Ross usually has some     version of this for a good price. Changing robe is sometimes necessary for Boudoir, Pin Up or swimsuit shoots only.
- Accessories (ie jewelry, belts, hats, scarves, ties, shoes)
- Make-up for touch ups (unless you purchase one of our Make Up packages)
- Hairbrush, Hair Accessories and Appliances if you will be changing your own hair looks
- Contact Lenses (if applicable)
- Props (Fabric, Pillows, Laptops, Briefcase, Personal Touches, Etc)
Regarding Props: you are more than welcome to use any of the Props that we have at The Little Room Studio, bringing your own Props however adds a more personal touch to your photos.

Q. How Long will it take to get my retouched pictures?

A. 3-5 Business Days *Project Pending

You will receive a url and password to view your photos in your personal online boutique or you may pay extra to receive a CD with all of your photos on the same day as your shoot. We recommend either printing 4 x 6 Prints of the photos you are considering for retouch or putting your favorites in the "favorites folder" in your online boutique, this is a great way to narrow down your choices. Once you have your favorites folder you must SAVE it by registering, once saved you can share your favorite photos with friends and colleagues to make your final selections for re-touching. Show them to your team (agent, manager etc.) if you have one and have them initial the backs of their favorites to help you narrow it down. Your commercial agent will likely want a different pic than your theatrical agent. Get as much feedback as you can and then make your final decisions.We generally have a 3-5 business days turn around on final retouched photos. This time frame depends on how many photos you pick for re-touching and how quickly you approve the low resolution proof that is sent.

Re-touching is basic only with 1 revision - special requests will incur extra charges. You will be notified in advance of any extra charges for your retouching requests.

*Website Packages have a varying turn around depending on how many pages are ordered and how quickly you submit the required information. Generally, the $199.00 Actor's One Page takes 1-3 business days.

Q. Is there a deposit fee to retain my time slot in the studio?

A. Yes, A Deposit is required to reserve your appointment.

Yes, there is a Non Refundable Deposit to secure your photo shoot appointment. Each shoot has a specific deposit ranging from $50-$150. Please see Pricing section for deposit details.  The deposit is put towards the balance of your shoot.

First you schedule your photoshoot over the phone. Next, TLRS will send you an invoice for your deposit. You make your deposit online through either Pay Pal or Credit Card. Your photoshoot appointment is not locked down until the deposit is received. Next the Little Room Studio sends you a confirmation email confirming the deposit was received and confirming the date and time of your shoot.  This confirmation email will contain a photo shoot questionnaire that you will fill out as completely as possible and submit to The Little Room Studio at least 3 days before your shoot time.

-You are allowed one re-schedule only 48 hours prior to your shoot time
-The Little Room Studio retains the deposit upon cancellation or no show

Q. How does this work?

A. In 10 Easy Steps!

1. Call The Little Room Studio and book your photo shoot. today!
2. Make your shoot Deposit online via Pay Pal or Credit Card to secure your photoshoot date and time and lock in your photo shoot package pricing.
3. Wait for your confirmation email from The Little Room Photo Studio.
4. Fill out the Photo Shoot Questionnaire that is attached to your confirmation email, submit the Queastionnaire to The Little Room Studio 3 Days prior to your photo shoot appointment.
5. Make certain that your entire photoshoot team has the correct info regarding date, time, location, directions, style of shoot.
6. Shoot Day!!! Come prepared. Pay the balance, due either in cash, check or through Pay Pal. Sign the release form. Have a great photoshoot experience at The Little Room Photo Studio. Make the deposit on you next shoot to lock in Special Pricing.
7. Photo Edit Session - In your photo gallery, pick the best shots and then email us the numbers of your choices that will be re-touched for printing. For headshots, once you have the best 10 selected drag them into the Favorites Folder and email them as a slide show to your agents and manager for their input - this is the tool they will be using to get you work, it is best to give them their choice.
8. Basic Photo re-touching with 1 Revision Only. Multiple revisions will incur extra charges. Additional photos will cost additional money to re-touch. Extensive re-touching will also  incur an extra charge.
9. You either recieve your retouched photos via email FREE of charge or via mail on CD (additional charges apply, please see pricing section for more info) upcharge payable online via paypal.
10. You are so happy with the photos & website that you schedule another photoshoot at The Little Room Studio and you tell all of your friends.
* If you have purchased the website package you will need to supply us with additional information and materials.

Q. What is a Basic Photo Retouch?

A. Basic Retouching Includes the Following:

- Adjusting Brightness, Contrast,
  Sharpness, and color
- Add Depth and Dimension
- Lighten under eyes
- Soften minor wrinkles
- Erase blemishes
- Erase minor flyaway hairs
- Whiten teeth and eyes

Samples of retouching beyond the basic that incur extra charges:

Removing large protions of hair
Adding missing or chipped teeth, eyebrows, etc...
Changing or replacing eyes (i.e. eye color, or you had eyes shut in picture)
Removing glare from glasses
Removing wrinkles, freckles, sun spots, or other natural occurences
Making you slimmer or defining muscles
Adding or fixing make up
Enlarging body parts (i.e. breasts, butts, etc...)
Changing or removing background color
Evening out skin tone (face, body or both)

Q. What are my backdrop choices?

A. There are currently 12 backdrop choices available:

*Additional colors available by request​

Q. There are currently 10 backdrop choices available:

A. Absolutely!

We encourage you to bring anything you can to enhance your shoot experience

*Props can also help create the perfect ambience for your photo shoot set. Especially if you are doing the website package. Fabric that brings out your eyes, a favorite Chair, a music instrument, a textured rug, a Prop that indicates what you do in the world. Look through The Little Room Gallery to see what kinds of props have been used in the past. Bringing a prop that means something to you is always way better than using the photo studio props.

Examples of Props:
Mannequin, Microphones, Musical Instruments, Barbies, Books, Cookies, Teapots, Pickles & Chocolate, Baby Booties, Champagne Bottles, Suitcases, Suffed Animals, Fishing Pole, Laptop, Briefcase, Fitness Equipment, Various Hats, Umbrella, Giant Lollipops, Top Hat & Cane, Cigarette Holder, Magnifying Glass, Old Typewriter etc...

Q. What if I have to cancel?

A. We prefer you to re-schedule  :)

At this point you have paid your $50 deposit to secure your shoot. A cancellation or no show forfeits your deposit. We suggest that you re-schedule. When you re-schedule an appointment, please do so a minimum of 48 hours prior to your scheduled date and time otherwise you could lose your deposit. If you are re-scheduling with 48 hours notice, you can either reschedule a new date and time immediatly or call us back when convenient.

To re-schedule a photoshoot please call right away so we can offer your appointment space to a client on our wait list. If you cannot call, please email us promptly with "!!!RESCHEDULE!!!" written in the subject and provide at least 3 optional dates and times.The Little Room Studio will respond within 24 hours confirming your new date and time.

A no-show forfeits their $50 deposit

Q. Can I bring a friend?​

A. Yes

Yes, you may bring a friend for moral support or inspiration. We recommend you bring someone you trust and feel comfortable around and someone who you can put to work helping you with wardrobe etc. Please do not bring drama to the Little Room Studio. Please also limit yourself to no more than 2 friends unless they are part of your team ie: a make up artist or stylist.

Q. When is payment due?

A. $50 Deposit Due at Booking / Balance Day of Shoot

$50 Deposit is due to secure your date and time. Your shoot dates are not locked in until payment is received. You will follow the PayPal instructions in your confirmation email to process your deposit payment.

Standard Shoot:
The balance is due in full on the day of the shoot. The balance is payable in cash or through our paypal on the website.

Web Package:
50% of your balance is due the day of your shoot. The final balance is due when the website is complete. Websites will not be made active until full payment is received.

Q. Could you recommend a Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist?

A. Yes!

The Little Room Studio has outstanding make-up artists that will blow your mind and amaze you with their talent. Let us know what you need in advance and we will book the best person for your shoot.

Q. What does a "look" mean?

A. A "look" mostly refers to wardrobe changes;

We divide this shoot into segments that can be dedicated to a particular look you would like to achieve. For example, you may need a business headshot  and choose 3 business looks, casual business, buttoned up business and a promotional look for a mailer, postcard or email signature. Or you may need only 1 business look, and want 2 looks for a dating site casual and dressy OR maybe you need an updated real estate photo and a comedic shot for your significant other OR 1 holiday look, 1 business look and a fun facebook look. If you purchase the professional make up upgrade then each look can also have a make up change, again it is best to start simple and then build to a more dramatic look.

Generally people divide their looks starting with a casual one or fitness look first, then a dressy casual look and then a dressy look third. Some people may want to focus their energy on just 2 looks that require a little more prep time, for instance a boudoir look and a rock n' roll look.

NOTE: Personal Props can greatly enhance a look and help to bring out your unique style.

*For author or actor headshots please consult with your team regarding your best looks and backdrop choices

Q. How should I prepare for my shoot?

A. You can do a few things;

Hair - Cuts should be done at least a week before do not do anything extreme
        - Trim can be done 3 days prior
        - Roots should be dyed 5 days prior
        - Deep condition the day before only if you have prior experience with the product and know what to expect

Waxing - legs & bikini at least 3 days before, Eyebrows 1 week before
Manicure/Pedicure - 24-48 hours prior to shoot (bring polish for touch ups)
Exfoliate Lips - day of and hydrate with balm or chapstick (dead skin on lips can make them look pasty, we prefer juicy lips!)
Exfoliate Face -  day of and apply oxygen face mask (dead skin on the face can accentuate wrinkles)
Eyebrows - pluck the day before and comb the day of, use setting gel if necessary
Skin - stay well hydrated and exfoliated all year long!!!
Facial - 5 Days Prior (Millenium has great 2 for 1 deals)
Korean Spa Scrub - day or two before for glowing skin (Olympic Spa Rocks!)

Drink lots of lemon water the week of shoot to achieve ph balance
Get plenty of sleep, 8 hours if possible the 3 nights before and avoid salty foods and alchohol the night before


Do not wear sox or bra the day of if shooting swimwear or boudoir

Q. What do we shoot?

A. Everything!!!

We shoot bands, models, actors, derby dolls, radio personalities, suicide girls, actor headshots, comedic headshots, facebook photos, myspace photos, Linkdin photos, Twitter profile picture, pin-up photos, corporate headshots, real estate headshots, family portraits, character headshots, holiday portraits, child portraits, party photos, blogger photos, couples portraits, yoga photos, wedding photos, publicity photos, save the date photos, boudoir photos, fitness photos, website photos,product photos, jewelry, candy, etc...


If you don't see something listed, just ask us!!!

Q. What type of website do you do?

A. We do HTML5 websites through Wix

The Little Room Studio are certified Professional Wix Designers. We can make you an awesome custom site from scratch or choose from one of our templates in the gallery section under websites. 

Q. Do you guys host the websites?

A. We do not host the websites, WIX does.

The Little Room Studio works in conjunction with Wix.com. All of the templates supplied on our website are made possible through Wix's building platform. Once your website is completed, you can choose to do one of two things.

1. Not use a personal url (web address) and keep the Wix url (which includes Wix ads around your site). OR
2. Get your own url through Wix for under $10 a year, and host your website with wix starting at only $8.25/month (this will insure that the Wix ads are gone and your website is redirected to your url).

We also recommend using Google analytics with option 2, it  tracks who comes to your site and where they are located in the world and its FREE!

Q. Is your location wheelchair accessible?

A. No

Unfortunately the upstairs studio is not wheelchair accessible but we are more than happy to come to you for shooting if handicapped.