This was an amazing experience!  I haven't sent any small children screaming, but I haven't felt very photo friendly...EVER. But, I won the AMAZING contest and was cajoled (by friends) to do something nice for myself instead of get more kid pictures made! (They are photogenic! lol)

So here i go into the LRS with an armload of clothes, lost as to what would work and what wouldn't. And this is AFTER me emailing Nat and Eddie a dozen times asking questions that they sweetly and quickly answered.

Eddie helped me decide what to wear out of my selection, explained the process and made the shoot tons of fun. It was like hanging out with a new frined....if that friend had a camera hiding her face :D

I will be recommending them to everyone I can and I will be back to LRS to get family pictures done. My daughters and ME in the pictures with them! 

The pictures turned out beautifully. I still can't believe I'm saying that about myself! But she did a fabulous job and everyone who is getting a glimpse of my pictures (made SUPER easy by the botique online)  thinks they are just wonderful. My sister loves how the lighting makes my eyes look golden, my friends loved that it caught my personality, not just my face on film.

LRS is the best and I am so excited that I had the chance to experience it for myself!  I can't wait to do it again!!

Michelle G.


I have been photographed by Eddie and Nati at The Little Room Studio three times and they are fantastic.

The first time was for head shots. I had never been in a photo shoot before that and I was a little nervous. I didn't know what to do. Eddie was great, easy to work with, and made me feel very comfortable. Nati was incredible with the photos! They turned out so well that I have returned for my engagement photo shoot and a photo shoot of me in my uniform. As you can see in my profile picture.

My fiancée and I had a blast with the girls taking our engagement shots. Eddie and Nati are so creative and artistic that our pictures turned out amazing. They were also very prompt in finishing the shots. Due to being in the Marine Corps I am away from my fiancée most of the time. So when we did get time for our pictures it was a small window to work with and the girls made it work!

For my uniform shots, as you can see, Eddie's work with the lighting and Nati's remarkable attention to detail made them come out perfect. As you can see. For those of you that are not familiar with military or how we wear our uniforms, everything must be placed perfectly. From the buttons to the awards and ribbons. The girls having zero military experience caught a few adjustments I had to make on my uniform when even I didn't, and I have been in 4 years. This is a huge compliment and goes to show you there level of perfection they strive for.

All in all now I have been shot at six studios including by four different photographers and would not recommend any other studio than The Little Room Studio with Eddie and Nati. So much in fact that I have commuted over 200 miles every time and flew my fiancée from Oregon so that they could photograph us.

Thank you again Eddie and Nati! I look forward to the next shoot. I hope it will be soon.

Matthew H.


Awesome experience! I love this place! They were so professional and guided me through the who photo shoot.  Eddie was amazing and contributed a lot of ideas.  I can be a little shy in front of the camera, but they made me feel so comfortable and my pictures came out great.

Kim G.


Hi, I just wanted to thank you for some awesome pictures!!  I was a little hesitant about getting the pictures done with his teeth not completely grown in but there are some amazing pictures we can use that don't focus on his teeth at all.  I am always happy if I get 5-10 great, usable shots.  There are easily 20-30 from this shoot!  We will definitely be back once his teeth are in all the way.  I look forward to seeing what we get then!

Btw - Brody had a great time!  It's not easy pleasing a 7 year old but when we left he told me that was the most fun he's ever had getting his pictures taken. Well done :)

Annrae F.


It's been a long time coming....I'm not one that feels comfortable taking pictures even though all my friends might differ.  But to experience feeling good and getting quality is the way I want to conduct my life from now on....I didn't think they both went together ( in a professional way) until working with these wonderfully exccentric women at the The Little Room Studio...Amazing....got good pictures...and felt comfortable enough to want to do it again....The place feels more like a vacation spot when you walk in than a cold photo studio.....I don't know, it is a little Room but it sure the hell  felt a lot bigger when I was in there.....Thanks for having my favorite cookies and Tea....What a complete blast....Honestly, it was a session about listening...I was able to relax enough to stop the chatter in my head to see myself...this is sounding to philosphical but I had a good day and good results...Wishing you guys the best...

Lonnie H.




AMAZING!!!  These ladies single handedly changed our entire reputation.  They took a little company that could, and put us right up ontop of the hill, so-to-speak.  We are a custom utility kilt making company that didn't have any professional photos.  Almost the kiss of death.  Finally we set an appointment with the ladies from The Little Room Studio.  The glitch here is that we are located in Minneapolis, MN. No time to travel.  We have to be sewing every minute possible with a four month waitlist.  So we handled all the arrangements via telephone and email with the fine ladies at The Little Room Studio.  Not only did they help us with setting up the scenerio, they gave us information on where to find a model in LA to model the kilts for us.  AMAZING!  We found a model via their source and had him set up, then mailed 5 brand new utility kilts to the LRS.  Within 2 days we had over 1500 photos to choose from for touch ups and final finishes.  Within 3 days, we had a brand new updated website and about 20 new fans on Facebook.  We are now viewed as a very Professional company and feel like having the ladies at the LRS has practically overnight changed us from an up and coming business to a force to be reckoned with in the utility kilt business!! 
We are forever indepted, thanks to Eddie and Natalie for all their amazing work, up and beyond the call of duty.

Serena L.


These girls are awesome!  I shot with both photographers, Natalie Novoa and Eddie Daniels for a KILT THIS shoot, also had make up from Mariana Novoa. Everyone was very professional, we got great shots, and  had great ideas to add too, make up was sick!  I've worked with many other photographers and I gotta say these girls kick a**!  They really made me feel comfortable, and had a blast shooting with them.   I will definately be going back and I recommend them to anyone who needs any kind of  photos.

Travis F.


There is nothing as sweet to the ears of two very narcissistic bloggers as a groupon for a photo shoot.   For $59 (a package that usually costs $240) my co-writer and I got dolled up and now have documentation to prove how g.d. cute we are.

The studio is in a residential area (read: you will be walking up into what looks like someone's home), and once you're inside the homey feel lends to the comfort. 

Eddie, our photographer, was super nice and fun and helped ease us into our first time in front of a professional camera (except for the time our intern brought his expensive douchey camera to some party we were at - but that doesn't count).   She played music, suggested poses ("look annoyed"  ... yeah, we've got that one down) and showed us the shots as she went along. 

It took about 5 minutes for Eddie to put all our shots on a CD and walked us through how to use the password protected website with our shots.  As the narcissistic bloggers we are, we immediately got ourselves to the a computer to bask in our beauty.

Lisa L.


Had a photo shoot with The Little Room Studio yesterday and it was AWESOME! Usually I am not comfortable at all in front of the camera, but Eddie (the photographer) was great! She put me completely at ease, made me laugh and most importantly took some beautiful pictures. I've never had pictures taken that were so beautiful. I also had my makeup done by Mariana and it was well worth it. It made a huge difference. Both Mariana and Eddie were amazing. I definitely plan on returning to The Little Room Studio!

Michelle R.


Little Room Studio was accommodating, high-energy and creative.    We were in need of an updated family photo and wanted to include our black lab.  (Cosmo usually appears as a pair of red eyes in any photo, his blackness melding into the background.)  Photographer Eddie did a great job of rolling with this 85 lb dog in the room!  She made us all feel really comfortable and we got some great shots.  If anything, too many. Editing was a bitch!  With one exception....

At the very end of the shoot, my 18 yr old took off his suit jacket and put it on the dog.  Eddie grabbed both of them, went into the studio and took my favorite photo. 

My husband and I rep comm'l photogs and we have been to and helped produce MANY photoshoots.    We try not to pull favors from our photographers and are always on the lookout for good options for our family portraits. Little Room Studio was DEFINITELY the ticket.

[Thanks, Eddie!]

Irene S.




OH my goodness. Thanks again, SO much for such a wonderful shoot. By far the best I've had in LA and the most comfortable I've felt. I am  SUPER happy with the way they turned out, and I WILL refer you when  people ask me where I got them, and I know they will!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Ana V.



Just wanted to thank you again for the photo shoot yesterday!  It was a long ride for us to get there with the kids but after seeing the photos and just the experience there....made it all worth while!  You had a great attitude with toddler running around and just dealing with many of us. The pictures are awesome!  wow!  We are so happy with the photos!  Thank you for capturing the essence of each one of us.  You got it perfectly!  I have already boasted to my friends about your company and how professional and fun you guys were. Thank you!

Sandra K.



I found this place on Groupon. They had an amazing deal of a 90 minute photo shoot with 1 8x10 retouched photo and a CD of images for around $60 .

When the appointment was made, they sent an email to a link that was a questionnaire where they asked what I wanted to do in the shoot and gave me a list of background colors to pick out, props I want to incorporate and gave me space to include links to show the photographer what you mean. They also remind you to bring your ipod to the shoot so you can get in the mood. I was really pumped when I was given the opportunity to share my vision. It makes it seem like they really care bout what u want.

I did a retro 50's pinup photo shoot with them. I've never done that before and I don't think Eddie, the photographer had either, but the photos came out AMAZING!!! Sherry V gave the comment that she thought Eddie was unsure of her self. From the time I was there, I gathered she has a quiet, sweet personality and isn't overbearing or directing you like the stereotype of photographers we see on TV so I see why ppl think she is unsure bc I have that personality too and people misinterpret it all the time. She did tell me n show me poses she thought would be cute & would stop to show me how the photos were coming out and if I liked it. I think that was a good thing. The proof is in the pudding. The photos were amazing, very clear and high quality, the background went well with my props. Definitely a professional job!! I'm not a model but I sure look as good as one in the photos. One of my graphic design friends commented that they were so well done there didn't appear to be much retouching that needed to be done. I noticed it too! I looked surprisingly damn good. My acne hardly showed despite the high resolution. My sister worked as a model in  NYC and she was impressed too!

On top if it all, the CD of all the images was given to me w/in minutes of me finishing the shoot. They also uploaded all my photos to a website that is password protected so I could share the images with friends and they can add comments to help me select the image I want to get blown up & retouched or they can order copies for themselves and have the images printed on mugs, t-shirts etc. I've never heard of a studio doing this service!

Nana N.




I just wanted to thank you for the super easy and enjoyable shoot today. I will definitely use you guys next time and refer you to anyone who asks. I'm really happy with the photos and I'll let you know soon which one I'd like for the retouched pic.

Victoria N.



Just wanted to send my thanks. I am so very pleased with the shots!! I can't decide which one to re-touch quite yet but wanted to let you know what a great experience it was to shoot with you. I really loved the laid back, fun, and friendly atmosphere. Eddie you are a truly talented photographer and everyone was just awesome! Thanks again and will talk to you soon!

Jaclyn H.




I just picked up my pictures and they are beautiful.  I came to you to get a great head shot and ended up with five that I love and couldn't choose between, so I got copies of all of them!  I love them and am so grateful that you recommended Argentum.  They were wonderful and did a great job.  Your ears should be ringing because I've been talking about you for weeks!

I really appreciate all of the little extra things you did to make the day of the shooting great for me and all of the wonderful pictures that came out of it.  I should get lots of work because I now have pictures that I am proud to submit.

Thank you again and again.

Shirley M.



What a pleasant surprise.  I really was not looking to go for my photo shoot.  I need them primarily for my practice website and for various other serious applications.  I was not feeling all that "pretty" LOL.  All I have to say is that I left that session with a smile and so appreciative of these two wonderful ladies working as a fun, low stress team helped to get some great shots.  The pictures are some of the best I have ever seen with me as the subject.  The lighting was excellent and the ability to take my disk home was super convenient.  Highly recommended and I will go back again when needed.

Dennis B.





Thank you guys so much for the great photos and for making it so much fun! I love the professional but relaxed way you run your business.

Keitha & Sarah



First off, I must say that I have been depending on Yelp reviews for years now but have never felt compelled to write a review myself...until now!  The Little Room Studio is an awesome studio that was top notch from the photographer and the service to the pictures they shot for us!

I actually found this studio through http://Groupon.com because they were offering a great deal that was just too good to pass up.  When I looked at their site, I was a bit hesitant because I was looking to have family portraits taken and most of their shots were a bit more edgy than I was looking for.  But the great reviews on Yelp convinced me they were worth a shot.

Our session was awesome.  We have a two year old and a five month old.  Not the most ideal ages for taking pictures.  But Eddie and Julie were so patient.  They engaged our two year old and got him to laugh or smile in a lot of the pictures.  Right off the bat they tried to make him feel comfortable by showing him their fish tank and acting goofy for him during the picture taking.  They were very accomodating and really cared about how we wanted our pictures to turn out.  I can sometimes be a wuss when it comes to stating exactly what I want...but Eddie and Julie were so nice, that I felt absolutely comfortable expressing my ideas and what I wanted from the shoot!

One of the things that was great about our shoot was that they send you a questionnaire about what kind of photos you would like to have.  The result, our pictures came out exactly how we wanted...and then some!!!

Gela V.



I just wanted to say how happy we are with the photos you took of our family.  i know it wasn't an easy task, yet you somehow managed to get a bunch of really great shots of our kids, despite their moods and all!

Ilana S.



As close to perfect as an experience gets, with results to match. I've been involved with photography on a professional basis since I was eight, so I'm exceptionally picky. Biggest problem I've had is choosing just one each of the photos from the three "looks" we went for in the 90 minute session (207 exposures to work with), and I'm as far from indecisive, vain, or photogenic as a person can be, LOL! I'll have to post more later, because I can't say enough good things about Eddie and Peggy. One of the very best parts is that afterward you get to turn your friends on to a very rare commodity when they compliment you on the work. Trust me - they'll owe you bigtime.

Byron W.



The Little Room THAT COULD!!!  Wow!   Here's the final product
http://www.tongrenenergyhealing.com; and here's the story.

Who works on New Years Day?  The Little Room Studio staff, that's who!  Ms. Daniels and Ms. Novoa insisted I have a website.  We scheduled on the only day we both could agree on, New Years Day. : )  I gave Nati a green light to make any decision for me.  I'm a little rough around the edges so I allowed the professionals to do what they do best, design!  I trusted them and they came through like champs.

I was asked to write some content for the site and I already had it on file.  Easy!  Done!  By 9AM Nati had already picked out a theme for the site and was building it.  Then Nati says, "Go put your massage table in the studio".  What?  We're gonna take photographs?
I am so clueless!!!  They dressed me up and we took over 300 pictures.  I don't pose!  I'm not a model!  I felt so odd, but Nati and Eddie helped me loosen up and they made it work.  They took great pictures.  I am so proud of the site they created for me.  It represents me and the work I do very well.  I receive compliments from all over the world. 

I am so grateful for their efforts.

I whole heartedly recommend the "Little Room Studio" to anyone with any agenda, projects and deadline.  Creative, marketing consults, studio rentals, Hollywood head shots, website creation.... etc.... 
I don't know what else they do, but I'm convinced they can do anything.  They pulled off a miracle for me.

Thank you girls!

Ramon R.


We raffled this place for a charity and it turned out great. The parents were so happy and reported back they had so much fun.

Jeff P.



This studio is awesome! I shot with both photographers (Natalie Novoa and Eddie Daniels) and these girls are totally fun, impeccably professional, and do amazing work!
I have worked with a lot of photographers and I highly recommend The Little Room Studio.

Jazz Sansone



Recently had my head shots and promo shots done here. For the first time I actually had FUN taking those pesky head shots!! ugh. Best of all though, They are actually really, really  good, I got so many workable pics. I think just being made to feel really comfortable at the studio helped me ease up and really let go and finally I have photos that I WANT people to see... and I'm actually looking forward to another session...hey wait, I just got bangs so maybe that will be sooner than I thought! really great prices too!

Sandy S.



What a great professional staff and perfect facility. Creativity and fun flows and both Natalie and Eddie really know how to listen and turn a client's ideas and vision into a real and workable product. And what a reasonable price! I will certainly be back again. Thank you, Little Room Studio!

Monica F.